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The Stories They Could Tell

So often when we sit down and do Geneology all we have is names. There is so much more. These people were real people with real experiences of their own. Hopefully as you use this site that is what they will become.

Finding information

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Contributing to the site

You all have the names, places, and dates in PAF and you have read all the neat stories on this website. Now, you want to help make this site better by adding content or editing a page. Do not be intimidated, this is easy to do and we would be glad to walk you through the process to get you started.

This site is designed to allow everyone to contribute stories, photos, or other information. If this is your first time here, see the how-to-edit page to learn how to make changes and then get started typing. If this is all to complicated, email your questions to Joel Mathews, read the frequently asked questions (FAQ) page, and most of all, experiment.

Play in the sandbox… click edit on different pages and make changes where necessary… study how other people have written pages. Find a page with what you want and click “edit.” There you will learn how to bold text, add links, add a biography of your Great-great-grandpa and almost anything else you could want to do. With a bit of work and study, you’ll soon be an expert.